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Receiving Gifts

1 Cor. 1:30

"He was the only one who made us acceptable to God; He made us pure and Holy and gave himself to purchase our Salvation."

Every person wants to receive a gifts whether it comes from their love ones, employer, mentor, or friend. During my hig School days, I received a gift from my teacher. she told me that I deserve this gift for I have done the best in her class. You know that I desire more gifts from her, so I study hard, submit my projects on time, doing my homework excellently, cleaning our class room and many extra-works I do just to impress her and to receive more gifts.

Likewise, many employees worked hard expecting for promotion from their employer. salvation is a free gift of God. Receiving forgiveness for sin in eternal life is a free gift. It does not fit into the normal pattern of life as we know. We have been conditioned to believe that we only get what we deserve or are willing to pay for. God's plan of giving us a totally free gift seems so impossible to us that we try to attach something to his offer. In fact, we cannot impress God with our goodworks for these are filthy rags in His sight. All I believe is to trust everything to our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are saved by Grace through faith in Christ. God is only asking your total submission to the Lordship of Christ. What I am today, I owe these from God. For He was the only one who made us acceptable to God; He made us pure and holy and gave himself to purchase our salvation