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"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28"

Everytime I received an invitation, I understand the iimportance given to me by my friends.This means that out of many friends I have chosen to come to their momentous occasion. And by some means or the other I make sure that I attend to the occasion without fail.

In this passage, Matthew records an open invitation from our Lord Jesus Christ. This is an invitation for all people regardless of races and beliefs. An invitation to come to him. An invitation to those who are weary and heavily burdened.

How many times you have failed to fulfil your promises? How many times you have experienced frustrations, afflictions, and negligence in your life. These are all heavy things in our mind. Jesus is calling you out there. He is inviting you to come to Him. He has a promise of relief, rest, restoration for those who will come and be with him.

If your friend gives you an invitation letter I believe you will be very happy. This time the Maker of the universe, the provider of everything you have, are inviting you.

"Jesus said, come unto me all you who are weary and heavily laden and I will give you rest. " Matthew 11:28

If you feel you need Christ, don't hesitate to come to him. He is very near to you prayer.

Maybe you surfed this page accidentally but you have found the right choice. This homepage is dedicated to the One who gave my hope and new life. My life changed and that is enough for me to proved that Jesus Christ is risen from the Dead and is alive today and forever. Christ never fails you.

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