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By Rev. Vic Vergara

Genesis 2:17

This title is taken from a title of a song Mr. Lonely. The lyric is all about a soldier away from home. He is suffering from the pains of separation from his family, friends and sweetheart. There are many songs composed by lonely people in the world. In fact most of the touching music is often made out of the blues.

Loneliness is one of the major psychological problems of man. It is a state of being solitary and alone when seperated from someone or something. Many people feel lonely because of the following reasons: Unsatisfied inner ache, an inner vacuum that needs to be filled up. Emotional feeling of emptiness caused by sudden death of a loveones, seperation from family, broken engagement and unsatisfying relationship were the main causes of loneliness.

Adam with all his knowledge and perfectness couldn't see exactly what he was longing for. It was God who saw his ( Adam) need. So God took one of his bones and gave Eve to him. When he awoke, he uttered the first poem by a human being.

"Bone of my bones
Flesh of my flesh
She shall call a woman
For she was taken from man"

Adam suffered from being lonely. He needed companionship. After the fall of man sin is the main caused of loneliness. Our relationship to God is strained. We are separated from Him. We experienced hardship, sweat, sickness , old age and death.

Today man needs proper relationship with God and his fellow beings to avoid loneliness. Augustine said, " God created man for himself and our heart are restless until they find rest in Him."

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